About Us

Posh Krush's Mission

Here at Posh Krush we aim to provide the most chic, stylish, trendiest and comfortable looks at the most affordable prices. Along with the superior customer service, we want to make every woman feel like she's a Queen! 


The Company 

Welcome to POSH KRUSH, owned and operated by Nyisha Gould Walton. It all started back in 2012 when she discovered her love for fashion and seeing the look on women faces when fashion and clothing was the topic of conversation. So she started “Tagged” , while working at Sewage waterboard and selling out the backseat of her car. After work, Nyisha deliver orders and strategize on what’s next for her business . She became a little discourage later deciding to quit, and  continue to focus on her job and let her dream die.

Now November 13, 2018 she’s back with a renewed mind ready to conquer. Knowing that women all over the world needed to see her strength. Back than she was broke, busted and disgusted with no true confidence in herself. Starting over was her way of building HER more powerful, stronger and confident. She knows there are other women who were once where she was. Her goal is to impact other woman through fashion.


We hope you’ll enjoy all we have to offer. 


Yours Truly,